Les Rotondes proposent des manifestations dans les domaines des arts de la scène, des musiques actuelles et des arts visuels, ainsi qu’une offre importante de conférences, de projets participatifs et d’ateliers pour tous les âges. Défricheuses de nouveaux talents dans les domaines précités, ce lieu unique accorde une place importante aux jeunes, autant comme participants que comme public, et fait figure de centre d’expertise et d’incubateur d’initiatives nouvelles dans l’interface entre la culture et l’éducation ainsi que dans le milieu socioculturel.
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The Open End

Sat 8.6.19 / 15:00
creativity festival

Venues: Grande Salle (big stage), Plateforme (small stage), Galerie (exhibition, creators market, creative activity stations), Buvette (after-party)

Free entry

Julia Kahl, Slanted Publishers (DE) | typography, publishing, editorial, graphic design
Musketon and friends (BE) | illustration, visual art
Foreal (DE) | art direction, animation, illustration
Skill Lab (LU) | motion design, film, photography
Mich Welfringer (LU/BE) | graphic and editorial design, typography
Lynn Harles (LU/DE) | design research, graphic design

Exhibition Artists:
Yliana Paolini, Kaiwa, Vincent Genco-Russo, Patrick Hallé, Jo Malano, Laurent Schmit, Martine Pinnel, Jeff Poitiers, Alain Welter, Mik Muhlen, Julie Wagener, Al Reinert, Kodji, Giamba, Lynn Theisen, Oh Mamie, Mike Z, Gianmarco, George Heartwork, Kousca, Anne Mélan, Henri Schoetter, Lionel Demarville, Dan Sinnes, Foreal, Hideyuki Katsumata, Alexander Peifer, Steffi Zepp, Annick Kieffer, Christophe Peiffer, Rick Tonizzo

Kuston Beater
Spud Bencer

Creator’s Market:
The AA (Vintage & Second hand clothing, accessories, shoes and other curiosities)
Natural Vibes (eco-friendly socks)
Flouh (pins)
Artisan-Ale (artisan bottle shop)
Fellner Louvigny (books & gallery)

Steve Gerges (Fields, interactive video installation)
Oh Mamie (silkscreen print corner)
Guillaumit (Play on Steve, installation, video game)

open wall
ping pong
drinks & food

EN TheOpenEnd creativity festival is a creative gathering organized by The End collective in collaboration with Rotondes. Featuring an array of local and international talents, ranging from graphic, motion and editorial design to illustration, visual art and design research. TOE is a 1-day experience celebrating creativity.

This year, visitors will have the opportunity to visit our art exhibition, listen to live music, enjoy food and drinks, and much more.

org.: The End & Rotondes

The Open End


>15:00 doors
>15:00-22:00 exhibition, creators market & creative activity stations, Galerie

>16:30-17:00 Lynn Harles, Plateforme
>17:15-17:45 Skill Lab, Grande Salle
>18:00-18:30 Julia Kahl, Slanted Publishers, Grande Salle
>18:30-19:30 break, DJ Set Spud Bencer, Galerie
>19:30-20:00 Mich Welfringer, Plateforme
>20:15-20:45 Musketon & Friends, Grande Salle
>21:00-21:45 Foreal, Grande Salle

>22:00-23:00 warm-up DJ set Spud Bencer, Buvette
>23:00-00:00 live act, Kuston Beater, Buvette
>00:00-01:30 after-party DJ set Sensu, Buvette

Who's who?

The AA (Facebook)
Vintage & Second hand clothing, accessories, shoes and other curiosities

Natural Vibes (web)
eco-friendly socks

Flou, Annick Stoldt (web)

Artisan-Ale (web)
artisan bottle shop

Fellner Louvigny (Facebook)
books & gallery

Steve Gerges (web)
Fields, interactive video installation

Oh Mamie (web)
silkscreen print corner

Guillaumit (web)
Play on Steve, installation, video game

Spud Bencer (Facebook)

Sensu (web / web)

Kuston Beater (web)

Mich Welfringer

typography, editorial, graphic design
Location: Brussels (BE) / Luxembourg (LU)

Type and graphic designer Michel Welfringer lives between Brussels, Luxembourg and Paris. His studio is an ever-evolving platform. He collaborates with a network of artists, photographers, fashion, web or motion designers, which guarantees good creativity at a human scale. Together they create editorial designs, visual identities, draw typefaces, play with motion type on screens and love to design books.

Featured projects: La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs Cannes, arte creative, Biennale Internationale Design St Étienne, Luxembourg City Film Festival, Hydre Éditions, L’Opéra comique Paris, artists Filip Markiewicz, Denis Meyers, Pasha Rafiy, Neneh Cherry,...

Web / Facebook

Skill Lab

motion design, film, photography
Location: Esch-sur-Alzette (LU)

Skill Lab was founded in 2010 by Gwenael Francois and Julien Becker and creates fiction & branded films. They direct, produce & post-produce their films by mixing reel footage, photos, motion graphics, animation and eveything needed by the projects they create. They produced their first short film 22h22 in 2013, winner of the Filmpraïs 2013 for the best Luxembourgish short film. Their second short Article 19-42 is hitting festivals around the world. Skill Lab is currently developing a short animation series, a VR experiment, a documentary and a feature film.

Featured projects: Ludwig CCC, OGBL, Tango, Rosport, adidas TERREX,…

Web / Instagram / Facebook


art direction, animation, CGI illustration
Location: Trier (DE)

FOREAL is a design studio based in Germany with a creative focus on illustration, animation and art direction founded by Benjamin Simon and Dirk Schuster.

Featured projects: Adobe, Mercedes, Microsoft, Netflix, Nike, Google, Samsung and Swatch

Web / Instagram / Facebook

Julia Kahl, Slanted Publishers

typography, publishing, editorial, graphic design
Location : Karlsruhe (DE)

Julia Kahl is a graphic designer, editor, and publisher at the internationally active publishing and media house Slanted Publishers that she co-founded in 2014. They publish the award-winning print magazine Slanted, covering international developments in design and culture twice a year, and report about design on a daily base online.

Featured projects: Slanted blog, Slanted Magazine, Slanted Reader, Total Armageddon, Yearbook of Type

Web / Instagram / Facebook

Musketon and friends

illustration, visual arts
Location: Belgium

Musketon is the alter ego of 29-year-old Belgian visual artist Bert. Bert will give you an in-depth view of his work and work process and how he is trying to reinvent himself through new projects and collaborations − hence, the “and friends” part.

Featured projects: Nike, Mazda, AXE, The Chainsmokers, Sushi Samba, Huawei, MTV, OFFF Barcelona, Steve Aoki...

Web / Instagram / Facebook

Lynn Harles

design research, graphic design
Location: Luxembourg (LU) / Berlin (DE)

Lynn (a.k.a. Studio Lünn) is a Luxembourgish design researcher based in Luxembourg and Berlin. During her studies in Communication Design at Hochschule Trier, she started focusing on the innovative potential of the interdisciplinary intersection of design and science to tackle societal and environmental challenges. Her M.A. project, Design in the Anthropocene, was awarded with the Luxembourg Design Award in 2017 (Junior Talents Gold). Lynn is currently working as a Design Research Fellow at the Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation in Berlin, where she is a part of the Design-Based Strategies team. In her keynote, Lynn will showcase and discuss a radical paradigm shift of the design field and its burgeoning interdependences between science, anthropology and technological innovation in order to find feasible, tangible and reliable solutions for current and future socio-ecological challenges.

Featured projects: Himalayan Futures, Design in the Anthropocene, The Revolution of Things

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