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The Adolescents

Support: Scavenger Lunch + Weakonstruction
(US, Frontier, Concrete Jungle)
Wed 3.7.19 / 19:00
punk rock

Venue: Klub

Doors >19:00
Show >20:00

* presale (until 03.07.19 >16:00): 15€ + 1€ fee / box office: 20€

EN Punk rock may have started in the big cities but it was made for the suburbs. It was a lifeline for suburban kids who were bored out of their skulls with miles of block walls and the occasional mini mall. It was in this teenage wasteland some 20 years ago that The Adolescents came to fruition. Too young to fully grasp the world in turmoil and the dawn of Reagan they were more concerned with the personal politics of growing up in a place where individuality was frowned upon and conformity was becoming a time honored tradition with which you could make your parents proud. 

The line-up behind The Adolescents' infamous Blue Album was fierce.It was made up of founding member Steve Soto, drummer Casey Royer, the Agnew brothers (Frank and Rikk) twin guitar attack − whose influence can be heard on a majority of the punk that came after it − and the teen angst of Tony Cadena − relating directly to the teenage outcast who not only faced the daily grind of verbal and physical abuse from his or her peers for wanting to look and act differently but also had to look forward to dealing with the impending doom of adulthood.

From here on out it was a wild ride but as the shows got bigger so did the tension between members and as is true with most bands at some point the decided they didn’t want to be in the same room with each other much less play music together. Rikk left first and was replaced by Pat Smear who had been in the Germs and would someday find his way into Nirvana and then the Foo Fighters. Pat couldn’t tour at the time so he was replaced by Casey’s roommate (Steve Roberts) who could. This line up recorded the Welcome to Reality EP and were set to do a US tour but before the band could hit the road they split up. In 2001 the Blue Album line up regrouped to play a few shows. They have been at it ever since, although with a changing line up.

For its 25th anniversary the band came out with some new releases. Frontier records released a compilation of demos from the early years including a previously unreleased Adolescent’s version of Richard hung himself and the band finished a record of new material titled OC Confidential, a return to the power and intensity of the Blue Album while keeping both feet firmly planted in the now.

After their great album from 2011 The Fastest Kid Alive, the band is going to release their upcoming studio album Presumed Insolent on Concrete Jungle Records again. With this album the Adolescents show that they have a knack for unique hits. 13 great punk rock songs with that typical Adolescents sound, combining the old with the new.

org.: Noiseworks / G Chord Records

The Adolescents
The Adolescents