Les Rotondes proposent des manifestations dans les domaines des arts de la scène, des musiques actuelles et des arts visuels, ainsi qu’une offre importante de conférences, de projets participatifs et d’ateliers pour tous les âges. Défricheuses de nouveaux talents dans les domaines précités, ce lieu unique accorde une place importante aux jeunes, autant comme participants que comme public, et fait figure de centre d’expertise et d’incubateur d’initiatives nouvelles dans l’interface entre la culture et l’éducation ainsi que dans le milieu socioculturel.
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Support: Them Lights (LU) + airship 81 (LU) + DJ set by CHOOK
Fri 5.7.19 / 20:00
immersive synthwave, electronic pop

Venue: Klub

Doors >20:00
Show >21:00

* presale: 10€ + 1€ fees / box office: 15€

EN After opening for the likes of Blanck Mass, Throwing Snow and Rone and releasing a series of reworks and singles, electronic musician Samuel Reinard a.k.a. Ryvage will launch his first EP, called Tides, at the Rotondes on July 5th. The live show will be preceded by the projection of the Program video directed by Ted Kayumba.

Thought of as a musical escapade and an invitation to travel in your mind, the Tides EP is composed of melodic electro-pop songs, dark synth-driven electronica tracks, and ambient soundscapes. "It’s a personal and intuitive record," explains Ryvage. "It was all about finding a musical and sonic formula to explore topics like memory, mood swings, anxiety and escapism, using my computer and machines."

The result is a 5 track EP where industrial-tinged sounds are meeting 80s beats and synthwave elements while waves of powerful synth leads and atmospheric pads are battling with arpeggios and heavily processed vocals.

Lights can serve as guides, beautiful and beguiling, but they can also herald a warning. Introduced as a kid to Michael Jackson’s classic Thriller, Luxembourgish producer, singer and performer Sacha Hanlet, a.k.a Them Lights, connected to groove and melody that would stay with him forever. In late 2017 he finally immersed himself in the love of music that had consumed his soul and released his debut track, Got No, in 2018. Earlier this year his latest track, Mysterious Lights, came out.

Them Lights’ dark and groovy soundscapes cover a wide range of genres from electronica and pop, to alternative and R’n’B. His music will lead you on a long and colorful journey, with numerous waves of light beamed straight into your heart.

airship 81 is the new solo project from Paul Bradshaw, a British native, born and raised in Luxembourg, active in the local music scene for numerous years in bands like Actarus, Treasure Chest at the End of the Rainbow, La Fa Connected or more recently Mount Stealth. This is his first foray into the world of electronic music. Be prepared for synth driven tones with an 80s touch, heavy edges at times, doses of cinematic atmosphere, delays and reverb... Lots of reverb. Did we mention reverb?

© Mike Zenari

"Layer by layer, a dense and diversified soundscape is created, reminding us sometimes of Jon Hopkins and Daniel Avery without being too heavily influenced. Ryvage’s energy behind his machines in the stroboscopic lights is contagious."
(Luxemburger Wort)