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RIFF Festival Vol. 6

with No Water Please (FR), Royal Circus (LU), The Choppy Bumpy Peaches (LU), My Own Ghost (LU) and Dr.gOnZo (LU)
Sat 12.11.16 / 19:00
music festival

Venue: Klub

19:00 - 20:00 : Free food!!!

EN RIFFers of the world, 

Yes, it’s true! RIFF Festival is back with an explosive cocktail of music genres to warm your body and soul on a cold November’s night!

As for previous years, we promise nothing but fun!

Meet the bands of RIFF Festival Vol. 6 :


No Water Please (FR)

7 musicians on a stage! 5 albums! 10 years on the road with more than 600 concerts through Europe, No Water Please brings you ska, punk, African, and jazz vibes! You might need a glass of water after jumping and dancing with them!


Royal Circus (LU)

Since 2014 they bring a blend of gypsy swing, Balkan beats and pirate punk with an acoustic guitar, a bass, a saxophone, drums and the voice of the female Royal Circus! Django Reinhardt meets Gogol Bordello meets Klezmer Orchestra! Are you ready for them?£


The Choppy Bumpy Peaches (LU)

They’re five juicy musicians ready to give you some lush rock, a mix of indie, stoner and psychedelic! We highly recommend its consume, since as they say, peaches are consumed by the immortals due to their mystic virtue of conferring longevity on all who eat them, if you trust Chinese mythology. Grab a bite?


My Own Ghost (LU)

Pop. Metal. Electronic tweaks! That’s My Own Ghost. After the debut album in 2014, Love Kills, they have been playing in Luxembourg and in the UK, warming the audience with the Julie’s powerful voice. 


Dr. GonZo (LU)

DJ since 1989, the one and only dr. gonZo is surprising the audience every time with his own mix of ska-blues-rocknroll-boogie-alternative-reggae-electrodance-floor-styles. He guarantees a tiptop afterparty til late which you’ll never forg

Org: RIFF en partenariat avec les Rotondes

RIFF Festival Vol. 6
My Own Ghost
RIFF Festival Vol. 6
No Water Please
    The Choppy Bumy Peaches
    Dr. gOnZo
    Royal Circus