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Psychokuzu 2017

The Kooters "Illusions" Release

with The Kooters (LU), The Choppy Bumpy Peaches (LU), The Hazzah (NL), Bonfire Nights (UK)
Fri 13.10.17 / 20:00
psychedelic music festival & album release party

Venue: Klub

EN The Kooters heartily invite you to the second edition of Psychokuzu, psychedelic festival at the Rotondes. On this day, The Kooters are proud to announce they will release their debut album Illusions online and on all major distribution platforms.

Psychokuzu 2017

Bonfire Nights (UK)

A cacophonous smoking menace filled with pulsing psych grooves. With a combination of raw, piercing guitars, layered drones and hypnotic beats, Bonfire Nights emits a wall of sound on stage but also reveal an underlying pop savvy with a penchant for melodic hooks and boy-girl harmonies. 

They have shared the stage with a number of like-minded acts, including The Drones, Pond, The Underground Youth, DZ Deathrays, The Black Belles, The KVB and Lola Colt. Teaming up with their friends Bad Vibrations, the band released their single Ego Death on a split 7" with Tripwires in early 2015 and a follow-up single Low in December. 

The band released their debut album titled Entopica Phenomica in October 2016, through Holy Beatnik Records.

The Hazzah (NL)

Explosive fuzz sounds, a groovy transistor organ and thick waves of ‘verb keep the mind afloat as the boys of The Hazzah bring you their surfy garage rock. The Hazzah is a band that runs on a love for music and each other. Drenched in youthful energy, their sound has been described as a drunk one night stand between Allah Las and The Black Lips. 

On the 9th of June 2017 their EP XEX was released by MINK Records. Being written and recorded in seaside town of The Hague, The Netherlands, XEX  was inspired by the daily life in and the rough, hidden corners of the coastal/urban landscape. The image on the artwork, for instance, depicts a strange old shop in the red light district around the corner from their rehearsal space, that provided the inspiration for the name of the EP: XEX. Dutch indie magazine The Daily Indie described the title song as follows; "It's truly a breathtaking blow in the face - which was seldom so good".

The Choppy Bumpy Peaches (LU)

The Choppy Bumpy Peaches (or just The Peaches) are a band from Luxembourg playing space rock. The band formed in 2014 and since then played their cosmic way through pretty much every venue and festival of the country and released their first EP Melocoton in September 2016. A live performance of the Peaches will take you on a cosmic ride from heavy psychedelic guitar riffs through Indian summer vibes, right into space. Expect a lush atmosphere and a time you won't forget!

The Kooters (LU)

The Kooters are a young Luxembourgish band that reinterpret the psychedelic vibe, mix it with a modern fresh indie touch and pure, youthful energy. The four young musicians provide psyched gigs with a lush atmosphere, accessible for dreamers, erratics and other more jittery folk.

The Kooters are hugely inspired by the psychedelic culture. Their sound takes the listener to a journey through time. It reaches from the music that flavoured the end of the late 1960s, encompassing both its bluesy and more experimental facets, through to the timely contemporaries emerging from the psychedelic revival in genres like grunge, stoner, shoegaze and garage. This confluence of sound is processed with a touch of modern alternative, progressive, experimental and indie rock. The sound is then decorated through a heavy confluence of music and art.