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Support: Only 2 Sticks (LU) + Francis of Delirium (LU)
(US, Exploding In Sound/Fierce Panda)
Fri 4.10.19 / 20:30
indie rock

Venue: Klub

Doors >20:30
Show >21:00

* presale: 10€ + 1€ presale fees / box office: 13€

EN Pile is an American indie rock band originally from Boston, Massachusetts now based in Nashville, Tennessee. Starting as the solo act of Rick Maguire in the late 2000s, Pile has been a collective since the release of "Magic Isn't Real" in 2010.

In recent years the band has gained increasing popularity, becoming a prominent part of the Boston indie rock scene and frequently touring through both the US and Europe. While remaining outside of the mainstream, the band has been repeatedly recognized for captivating a particularly enthusiastic and dedicated fan base. Their sound has been described by The Village Voice as a "distinct blend of melted guitars" with "howling-wolf vocals and shred-free guitar harmonies."

Like most bands, Only 2 Sticks started out behind garage doors. Yann Gengler (guitar and vocals) and Billy Kauffmann (guitar) founded the band in 2010. Yet something was missing – the drum line! So a drummer was quickly found and Darren Biggar has been a core member ever since. After years of establishing and refining their unique style, they eventually welcomed another member, Christophe Becker (bass). Now the band feels ready for the stage, with many songs up their sleeves. Influenced by genres such as grunge and rock, they’ll entertain you with their own personal Only 2 Sticks twist.

In early 2019, after spending years performing and writing music, Jana Bahrich finally made the leap to create her own project, Francis of Delirium. After asking Chris Hewett to join her as drummer/producer, Francis of Delirium impressed the judges at Screaming Fields with their ability to balance the high energy and power of grunge and indie-rock while still retaining the intimacy and delicacy of a singer-song writer. As a result, Francis of Delirium won the Screaming Fields song contest and various live performance awards. Pulling inspiration from their hometowns (Jana from Vancouver, CAN, Chris from Seattle, USA) as well as their current home Luxembourg, Francis of Delirium has become a project with a vision, sound and presence on stage that is truly unique.

Francis of Delirium