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"BELONG" single release

Support: Bartleby Delicate + The Choppy Bumpy Peaches
Fri 12.5.17 / 20:00

Venue: Klub

EN Kay, Sam, Tun and Yann quickly became the best of friends and it didn't take long before they decided to set up a band in 2007 at the age of ten, a band that has grown into today's TUYS. Since that moment, the caroussel has never stopped turning. 

When they first began, the young boys actually didn't know how to play instruments or even read music. But they persevered and worked hard producing songs in German and Luxembourgish at first. After four years of growing together both musically and personally, their writing became more serious and the first songs in English emerged. Since then, they combine a multitude of influences into an interesting puzzle of indie, pop and alternative tunes shaping their very own genre. 

The band from Dudelange released their first EP in March 2013 also entitled People and played numerous concerts and festivals both in Luxembourg and abroad. Within the Grand Duchy the quartet played many festivals including e-Lake, Mess For Masses, and Food For Your Senses. And then in March 2014 the guys were thrilled to have the chance of supporting one of their most inspiring musical influences, The 1975 at Luxembourg's largest venue, the Rockhal, motivating them further as a band. 

TUYS has always strived to achieve more and were still searching for new directions. The guys decided to take a creative break together to write and seek inspiration, and it worked! The new single is a more than satisfiying hint at where the band is going. Merry-go-round, indeed.

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