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Queen Christina

queer loox - A queer-feminist film series in Luxembourg

Tue 31.1.17 / 19:00
Film screening and socialising

Venue: Plateforme (Rotonde 1)

EN Queen Christina

US 1933, 97 min, directed by Rouben Mamoulian (English Ov, English subtitles)

Queen Christina portrays the life of Queen Christina of Sweden who became monarch at the age of six in 1632 and grew to be a powerful and influential leader. Queen Christina is a war-leader during the Thirty Year's War. As a queen she is as well expected to marry a suitable royal figure and produce an heir. However, she falls in love and must choose between love and her royal duty.


The historical costume drama is loosely based on the life of Queen Christina in 17th century. In this historical fiction account, Queen Christina of Sweden falls in love during her reign but has to deal with the political realities of her society. A fictionalized, if not entirely fictitious, element is the romantic affair between Christina and Antonio. Clearly marked in the film is however the queen's habit of dressing as a man in order to broaden the options available to her as a person: "I shall die a bachelor!" she declares, wears manly clothes and even disguises herself as a man.

The only concession to the real Christina's sexuality however were some subtle hints that the film character was romantically attracted to one of her ladies in waiting.We have chosen to screen the movie relating to the last queer loox movie, “Celluloid Closed”, screened in November 2016. This documentary explores the treatment of LGBT characters in Hollywood films. Queen Christina is presented there as a major example of Hollywood produced before the “Hays Code”, a set of moral guidelines that was applied to all US films from 1930 to 1968. The leading roles in this Hollywood film are played by Greta Garbo and John Gilbert. The film was a major commercial and critical success in the United States and worldwide. And we hope you will enjoy the film as well.


Org.: queer loox, en collaboration avec les Rotondes

Queen Christina

queer loox

DE queer loox ist eine queer-feministische Filmreihe, die ab Dezember 2014 alle zwei Monate in den Rotunden stattfindet. Queer steht dabei für das Überschreiten traditioneller Identitätskategorien und eine kritische Auseinandersetzung mit der Grenze zwischen dem ‚Normalen’ und dem sozial ‚Illegitimen’. Die im Rahmen von queer loox gezeigten Filme thematisieren zum Beispiel das Überschreiten einer vermeintlich klar getrennten männlichen oder weiblichen Geschlechtsidentität, oder scheinbar eindeutiger Formen sexuellen Begehrens wie Homo-, Bi- oder Heterosexualität. Die Filme der Reihe umfassen das breite Spektrum an Spiel- und Dokumentarfilmen sowie künstlerischen Videoarbeiten.
Mit queer loox möchten die Organisator_innen einen queer-feministischen Raum in Luxemburg eröffnen, der neben den Filmen ein Treffpunkt werden soll, um sich auszutauschen und gerne auch zu tanzen. queer loox versteht sich als offenes Kollektiv; Filmvorschläge sowie interessierte Mitorganisator_innen sind also gerne willkommen.

EN queer loox is a queer-feminist film series starting in December 2014 at Rotondes. Queer means a crossing of traditional identity categories and implies a critical engagement with the division between the ‘normal’ and the social ‘illegitimate’. The films shown by queer loox highlight for example the crossing of identities that seem to clearly describe male and female sex/gender identity or supposedly evident forms of sexual desires of homo-, bi- or heterosexuality. The series presents every two months a wide range of feature films, documentaries and video arts.
queer loox might become a queer-feminist platform in Luxembourg, a meeting-point for discussion, maybe dancing. queer loox is an open collective that warmly welcomes people who want to present queer-feminist films themselves.

FR Le terme «queer» signifie «étrange», «peu commun», «bizarre», en opposition à la «norme» que serait l’hétérosexualité. Un des thèmes récurrents est l’exploration de l’identité transgenre, loin des clichés et autres clivages masculin/féminin ou hétérosexuel/homosexuel. Série bimensuelle, queer loox alterne entre la présentation de longs métrages, de documentaires et d’installations artistiques, dans l’espoir de devenir une véritable plateforme propice aux rencontres, aux discussions, voire aux soirées dansantes. L’équipe organisatrice est ouverte à toutes les personnes souhaitant présenter des films féministes de type « queer ».