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Peaking Lights Acid Test

Domino Recording Company (US)

Kalonji Tshinza (DJ set)
Tue 4.8.15 / 20:00
psychedelic / balearic / dub / disco / electronica


EN If you're wondering, P/L.S.D. is a solo, instrumental dubbed and danced up version of Peaking Lights Balearic jams from all our records and some bonus treats as well, Leisure Connection, and Solid Air all remixed live

We've had an awesome year of experimenting and coming up with some really far out new jams and exciting ways to share them live! P/L.S.D. has been playing a bunch of banging illegal warehouse party's in LA over the last few months, jammed with ESG , played Brooklyn dance club Output ... This is not your normal dance stuff - it's cosmic, psychedelic and groovy Balearic jams! It would fit well in a classic Baldelli set, or at the an infamous Loft Party, it's its own thing.

So come out to the shows, fill your chalice with this ear candy, we'll bang the shit out of the soundsystem.

FR Peaking Lights Acid Test ou P/L.S.D. est un long condensé de tous les morceaux balearic du duo, agrémentés de face B, d'expérimentations dub et autres pépites glanées au fil des années et des rencontres. C'est Peaking Lights dans sa tangente à la fois la plus expérimentale et la plus dansante. Une sorte de disco lo-fi dont l'efficacité fut testée une première fois au petit matin lors d’une rave illégale à Los Angeles.

Peaking Lights Acid Test