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Ooh Festival

Luxembourg's crazy music festival

With ROBERT LIPPOK (Germany), YAN JUN (China), CHRS GALARRETA (Perú), DANIEL LLERMALY (Chile), GAUTHIER KEYAERTS (Belgium), NATAŠA GEHL (Yugoslavia/Luxembourg), ELISABETH FLUNGER (Italy/Luxembourg), STEVE KASPAR (Luxembourg), TOMÁS TELLO (Perù)
Sat 14.12.13
Workshop by Daniel Llermaly
Workshop by Robert Lippok

Public performance(s)

Sat 14.12.13
Performance by Daniel Llermaly and the workshop participants
Yan Jun
Chrs Galarreta
Gauthier Keyaerts
Steve Kaspar & Nataša Gehl
Robert Lippok

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EN OOH is a new out of the box music festival which presents exciting sound artists and musicians from Luxembourg, China, Peru, Chile, Belgium and Germany. Expect sonic experiences in stereo and beyond through concerts, performances and workshops.

Created and curated by Tomás Tello and Steve Kaspar, the festival invites its visitors into a journey where everyone’s tastes and understanding of sound and music will quite possibly change forever.
The invited musicians cover a bright spectrum of what could be called experimental music, or as the organizers like to call it: music for open ears and minds.

Experimental music being a genre is difficult to define, audiences tend to shy away from it. The initiators of OOH therefore take it as their mission to demistify the whole movement, without necessarily breaking into the mainstream.

FR OOH est un nouveau festival pas comme les autres, qui pour sa première édition, invite des artistes de musique expérimentale venus des quatre coins du globe: Chine, Pérou, Chili, Belgique et Allemagne. L'idée est d'instaurer une approche pédagogique d'un genre particulier qui a tendance à repousser le grand public, parce que trop décousu, trop pointu ou trop «artsy fartsy». La journée débutera par deux ateliers, suivie en soirée par les performances des artistes.

Initié par Tomás Tello et Steve Kaspar, le festival invite les visiteurs à un voyage sonore où oreille et esprit ouverts sont de mise.

Ooh Festival

E.T. (Italy/Luxembourg/Peru)

E.T. started in 2010 and consists of Elisabeth Flunger on percussion and Tomás Tello on electric guitar. E T is a duo who likes to explore the random effects of their respective instruments: metal trash for Elisabeth and self-made electronics for Tomás. E.T. also likes to play and improvise experimental versions of folk songs.

Elisabeth Flunger (Italy/Luxembourg)

Born in 1960 in Bolzano in northern Italy, she studied musicology, composition and classical percussion in Vienna. 
Elisabeth’s instrument is a collection of trash metal objects, used in concerts, installations and performances. For this instrument she created a series of solo pieces and developed appropriate playing techniques, not using traditional percussion techniques, but rather working the objects by physical and spatial manipulation. 
In addition to her concerts and compositions, she holds regular workshops on contemporary music composition for children and amateurs. 
As a classical percussionist she has worked with classical orchestras and contemporary music ensembles like Klangforum Wien, die reihe, Ensemble Online, United Instruments of Lucilin as well as a soloist.

Tomás Tello (Perú/Luxembourg)

Tomás’ work is inspired by traditional music and environment sounds. He is also interested in the possibilities a musician has to multiply himself. In order to achieve this multiplicity he uses a great variety of instruments that include D.I.Y. electronics, cassette Walkmans, AM radios, remote controls, cameras, guitars, samplers, voice, flutes and bells. With his music, Tomás wants to generate contemplation, patience and to establish a close, warm and joyful relation with the sounds that surround us.
During the last 4 years he has also been composing music for dance pieces with the dancer Yuko Kominami, doing solo shows and running the tape label “Andesground”.


Nataša Gehl: accordion
Steve Kaspar: soundtrack

This duo will have its world premiere at Ooh where Steve Kaspar and Nataša Gehl will present an exclusive new creation.

Nataša Gehl (Yugoslavia/Luxembourg)

Nataša was born 1978 in Zagreb (Yugoslavia) and studied accordion and chamber music at the music academy in Trossingen, and got a scholarship from the foundation Baden-Württemberg to further study at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid.
She has worked with the composer and multi-media artist Pierre Redon and with composers such as Uroš Rojko, Claude Lenners, Camille Kerger, and Elisabeth Naske.
Since 2009 she’s been living in Luxembourg where she plays with the Luxembourg Sinfonietta and as a guest musician with the Ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin. She works with the EME Fondation of Philharmonie Luxemburg and has collaborated with several theatre projects.
Her actual projects are the bands „Selma & B Invention“, „The Shanes“, „Niù Trio“, a duo with Catherine Lorent as well as a duo with Sascha Ley.

Steve Kaspar (Luxembourg)

Steve studied at the "Nouveau Théâtre Musical" (Cologne "Musikhochschule") under the direction of Mauricio Kagel. Between 1989 and 1996 he had a very strong leaning towards the electro-acoustic and electronic world. Around the same period, his interests shifted towards video, audio-visual installations and, above all, sound compositions, performances and concerts which are somewhere between noise, raw art and sound decor. 
Steve’s work is regularly shown and performed in Luxembourg, Belgium and other countries. He has collaborated with the Japanese dancer Yuko Kominami, the music group United Instruments of Lucilin, as well as the cellist André Mergenthaler amongst many others.


Chrs has been very active in the South American experimental scene since 1995. He is a founder member of the independent label and association Aloardi and of bands like DiosMeHaViolado. The sublime and the uncertainty are present in his performances; he creates these situations by using broken electrical appliances, homemade audiovisual instruments, field streamings, field recordings and feedback systems. He especially likes to induct errors in softwares and hardwares and in the way he plays his instruments. 
He is mostly interested in the exploration of immersive experiences, experimental songs and des-compositions, where the human perception of space-time is literally hacked, creating thus a form of civil disobedience and social auto-reorganization. 
Chrs comes from an autodidact background. Today he lives between France and the Netherlands, where he continues to develop his independent projects, researches and studies at the Institute of Sonology of the Royal Conservatory and at the “Stichting Centrum” at Den Haag. He has widely toured and given workshops in Europe and Latin America.


Gauthier Keyaerts holds a Master’s degree in Information and Communication from the “Université Libre de Bruxelles” (ULB). After more than a decade of several musical releases on the Subrosa / Quatermass label, amongst others, he became the co-founder of the Transonic music label. Under many aliases (Very Mash’ta, the Aktivist, Next Baxter), he composes, plays and performs content-based music, as a solo artist and also in association with other artists in the field of art installations (L’oeil Sampler, an-Art-Key,…), video works (notably with Thomas Israel) and fiction/abstract radio broadcasts.
For the Ooh Festival, Gauthier will present a performance and installation titled "Fragments #43-44". This project was funded by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, the Institut numediart and Transcultures.


Robert is the co-founder of the music project To Rococo Rot. He also works a musician, visual artist and stage designer in Berlin. His approach to sound is all about simplicity: his lines are pure and polished, his sound pool reduced to its most essential elements, and his compositions are, for the most part, kept under the five minute mark. He aims at creating something at once stunning and straight to the point. 
He has released three solo records on the prestigious label “Raster Noton” in Berlin. Robert has also composed music for dance pieces with Enzo Cosimi. His work has been shown in Paris and Chicago.

YAN JUN (China)

Yan Jun’s live performances engage space feedback, loop and voice/language to create hypnotic noise. He uses concepts of recycling, feedback and reduction to create sound art work, which relates to field recording, installation, image, video, publishing and multiple forms. He performed and participated in exhibitions in Paris (Nuit Blanche), Amsterdam, Berlin (Transmediale), Cologne (MusikTriennale Köln), Moers (Moers Festival), Kuala Lumpur (Street Roar), Seoul (Bulgasari), Oslo (Sound of Mu), Brussels, Copenhagen (Metropolis Biennale), toured in Taiwan and Mainland China. He has also initiated Tie Guan Yin and Pisces Iscariots, two free-form electro-acoustic improvisation projects.

Nataša Gehl
Steve Kaspar
Chrs Galarreta
Gauthier Keyaerts
Robert Lippok
Yan Jun © Andy Guhl



© Yves Conrardy