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Lambert + Federico Albanese

Dën 28.3.17 / 20:00
piano, modern classical, electronic

Venue: Grande Salle (Rotonde 1)

EN It’s not even two years that a pianist with the Sardinian mask that looks like an antelope suddenly stepped into public. The rumours were numerous: Who is the person behind the mask? Nils Frahm, who got credited on Lambert’s debut album? Or Bonaparte, just because he put out their records on the same label. And wasn’t Bonaparte wearing a mask himself earlier on? Until this very day, we don’t know much more about Lambert. Some say, he was born in Hamburg, Germany. He’s been playing piano since he was a child and even studied this instrument later on, others say. Additionally one might add, he seems to know a lot of musicians, in fact he puts out reworks of other artists on a weekly basis almost. Versions of José Gonzalez, Phoenix, Boy, Moderat, to name a few. This can’t be mere coincidence, can it? Lambert's piano is moving from Satie-esque moments over modal jazz towards grand, romantic pop moments. Touring his debut album, we saw him play stages from small clubs to big jazz festivals, from Berlin to Paris and with the likes of Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, José González and others.

There is this particular moment when opposites are very close, almost touching one another. When there is still light but not quite darkness. A world in between, where all things are uncertain, vague, floating into shade. We can follow or observe, unsure where this would lead – into darkness or light; into the shadow of memories and dreams. A reflection of our desires and hopes, ready to be seen or unseen. It can be a sudden glimpse, with ideas turning into shapes, not yet complete. You can see things, but are unsure what they are. It is an unrevealed choice. A place to recover and heal, lulled by the security of the warm shadow of an ancient tree upon a hill.
After the release of his highly acclaimed debut album The Houseboat and the Moon, Italian composer Federico Albanese presents his 2nd full length album entitled The Blue Hour. 13 modern classical compositions melting piano, electronics, cello and many other instruments. Produced and recorded in Berlin by Federico himself, mixed by Francesco Donadello at VoxTon Studio and mastered by Francesco Donadello in Berlin at Calyx Studio.

Lambert + Federico Albanese
Lambert + Federico Albanese
Federico Albanese © Beniamino Barrese