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Hearts Hearts

Avec le soutien de l'Ambassade d'Autriche au Luxembourg

Support: The Synthesis (LU)
Tomlab (AT)
Fri 14.4.17 / 21:00
indie pop / electronica

Venue: Klub

EN Hearts Hearts were formed in Vienna by David Österle and Daniel Hämmerle in 2010. The bare boned sound of the initial duo rapidly evolved during sessions in a monastery in Upper Austria, with new members Johannes Mandorfer on the drums and the electronic musician Peter Paul Aufreiter. He was initially engaged as the producer of the band, but ultimately joined Hearts Hearts as a full member.

The sessions – also including longterm collaborator and improvising cellist, Christina Ruf – saw the band’s sound change, gaining density, taking on more electronic elements. Able to play together throughout the night, and left to experiment with vintage equipment and racks of effects, the framework of debut album Young was created.

Hearts Hearts create beautiful, elegiac songs which live at the intersection of classical and contemporary electronic and pop music. Anchored by Österle’s voice and as likely to evoke Sigur Ros as Flying Lotus, The Notwist or Radiohead, their debut album is an album about experimentation and observation – literate, sophisticated, but vulnerable and warm.

The Synthesis is the collaboration between Deborah Lehnen (vocals - synthesizers) and Michael Galetto (drum machines - synthesizers) aka VWAZ aka D.E.T.90, which have been evolving in many side-projects since the early 00's.

Very inspired by the sounds of 80's, Hip Hop, Soul and Electronic music, they created a universe of their own, by mixing heavy beats, samples and soulful vocals.

FR Hearts Hearts nait à Vienne en 2010. D'abord duo, il se transforme en véritable fratrie au cours de boeufs interminables. S'ajoute notamment Peter Paul Aufreiter, qui au départ ne devait qu'assurer la production de l'album. À la croisée entre pop indé éléctronique et envolées classiques (grâce à la virtuosité de la violoncelliste Christina Ruf), Hearts Hearts parvient à créer une musique élégiaque, qui rappelle autant The Notwist que Sigur Ros, Flying Lotus ou encore (et surtout) Radiohead. Des sources d'inspiration que le groupe assume pleinement sur un premier album vaporeux et expérimental, intitulé Young.

The Synthesis, ce sont Deborah Lehnen à la voix et aux synthés et Michael Galetto aka VWAZ aka D.E.T.90 au reste (boîtes à rythmes, synthés, guitare).

The Synthesis, c'est un son qui a mariné dans les années 80, baigné dans le hip-hop, trempé dans la soul et fermenté dans l'électronique. Une parfaite synthèse d'éléments a priori aux antipodes : voix chaude sur beats qui se mangent froid.

Org.: Rotondes, avec le soutien de l'Ambassade d'Autriche au Luxembourg

Hearts Hearts
Hearts Hearts
Hearts Hearts
The Synthesis

    "Hearts Hearts manage to stand apart from a busy crowd, blending bountiful meticulous synthetic sonic strands into some damned heartfelt songwriting." - Drowned In Sound