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Exit:LX Session: Pit Dahm

with Charley Rose and Boris Schmidt
Sat 6.8.16 / 20:00

EN Pit Dahm is a drummer, multi-­instrumentalist and composer. He was born and raised in Luxembourg.

Pit started playing drums at age 4, taking lessons with drummer Alain Ginter. At the age of 6, he began playing classical percussion and piano. He also followed a full curriculum of music courses at the Conservatory of Luxembourg.

After finishing his classical and jazz studies in Luxembourg he moved to Amsterdam in 2010 to pursue further studies on drums, learning from the likes of Martijn Vink, Marcel Serierse, Lucas van Mervijk and Gerhard Jeltes amongst others.

In 2012, he won the Prinses Christina Concours with the Floris Kappeyne Trio. Pit also won the Dutch Jazz Competition with the Loran Witteveen Quintet as well as The Records by the Keep an Eye foundation with Pol Belardi's Urban Voyage.

Pit graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2014. He is currently getting his Master's Degree in Brussels.

For this session, Dahm will be joined by sax player Charley Rose and bass player Boris Schmidt.

FR Pit Dahm est un multi-instrumentiste et compositeur originaire du Luxembourg.

À quatre ans il se met à la batterie, sous la supervision du batteur Alain Ginter. S'ensuivent cours de percussion classique et de piano dès l'âge de 6 ans.

Après des études de composition classique et jazz au Conservatoire de Luxembourg, Pit Dahm part se former à Amsterdam auprès de gens comme Martijn Vink, Marcel Serierse, Lucas van Mervijk, ou encore Gerhard Jeltes.

En 2012, il remporte le concours Prinses Christina, avec le Floris Kappeyne Trio. Autres distinctions: victoire lors du Dutch Jazz Competition, avec le Loran Witteveen Quintet, et prix The Records décernée par la fondation Keep an Eye pour le Urban Voyage de Pol Belardi.

Pour la Exit:LX session, Pit Dahm sera accompagné par le saxophoniste Charley Rose et le contrebassiste Boris Schmidt.

Org.: Rotondes, in collaboration with the export office music:lx

Exit:LX Session: Pit Dahm