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Church of Analogue

Micro-Festival of local Electronic Music Live Acts

Fri 24.2.17 / 20:00
analogue electronic music festival

*box office only

Venue: Klub

EN Dominus Analogum

Church of Analogue is a micro-festival for the digitally disenfranchised. It is a safe space for the lost tribes of musical Hardware and other analogue art forms.

In a time where zeroes and ones are learning to imitate our physical world of waves and particles, the palpable truth is lost to the obscure and concealed inner makings of our virtual mirrors. On the surface, blinking LEDs are merely reflections of our reality and blind us from the natural beauty of analogue imperfections. The binary promise to alleviate weight and save space evaporates with the blank screen of a crashed CPU. Many of us have been there…

Disclaimer: Although we try to focus on only Analogue equipment, some Acts may use Digital or Virtual Analogue technologies that imitate Analogue Machines.

Church of Analogue


20:00-21:10: warm up by Kopla Bounce
21:00-22:00: Aamar
22:00-22:45: Mr. Lobo i.t.
22:45-00:15: Pink Noise
00:15-01:30: Crop Circuit
01:30-03:00: Haste Midi


Aamar is an electronic ambient producer with a touch of Soul and Hip Hop roots. He started out more as a record collector in 2006 and then got influenced by J-Dilla and the whole LA beat-scene who pushed him to start producing music.
In 2011 he jumped into electronic music after listening artists like Toro y moi, Chromes Sparks,Tycho and many, many more…

Hardware: Tba

Mr. Lobo i.t.

Mr. Lobo loves analogue synths so much he has given them an own bedroom. He likes to challenge conventional musical formulas and is constantly looking for the right balance between minimalism and extravaganza.  

Hardware: Metasonix Assblaster, Vermona Lancet, Tempest, Circuitbent tr 707

Pink Noise

Pink Noise combines all his love for analogue musical Hardware, electronic music and VJing into an engaging musical journey. 

Hardware: Apc 40, arturia drumbrute, arturia beatstep pro, modularsynthtesizer (Eurorack System with DIY Modules)

Crop Circuit

Crop Circuit is a collective of musicians created by Kristian James Horsburgh AKA James Jinx. It is an always changing formation that produces and records music on the spot so that every presentation is unique. The music styles vary depending on the musicians involved and the crowd it plays for. 

Hardware: Electribe, RC-300, Roland Jd-Xi, Tc Helicon VoiceplayLive, MPC1000, Peavy V10 

Haste Midi

Haste Midi stands for Punchy drums, repetitive loops, dark Baselines, fancy Vocals and love for analogue machines brought to you by Alex Heide & Matthias Horn.

Hardware: Drummachine, Nord Synth, midi controllers