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Bicycle Art & Film Night # 3

in the frame of JEUDISCOVER

Thu 26.3.15 / 19:00
Short films screenings & photo contest

Doors : 19:00
Movies : 19:30

EN BAFF a.s.b.l. is pleased to launch its 3rd BAFF Night featuring a fine selection of short bicycle movies! To wheel fetishists and bicycle culture enthusiasts, you are all invited to a special evening with four diverse and captivating short films combined with a photo contest award ceremony! So get the winter dust off your saddle, oil your chain, shave your legs (optional) and come to celebrate a movie night that might be the “Autofestival”’s worst nightmare.

The winners of "Cycling in a City Jungle" photo contest will be awarded prizes and the winning images exhibited at CarreRotondes.

Org.: B.A.F.F Luxembourg, en partenariat avec le CarréRotondes

Bicycle Art & Film Night # 3

The films


Dir. Michael & Kate Garret, 7'

Some call it Cave Unicycling, others Uni-caving, most call it madness, many said it

couldn’t be done.


Dir. Peter Scholl & Mark Wagner, 9'
Fixie rider, road racer, tattoo model and vegan: Mianzi Rei is an icon of German women’s cycling and a driving force in Berlin’s urban riding scene.


Dir. Tom Malecha, 13'
Three friends seek an adventure and set out to cross Corsica by bike - and they actually find it, with all the sweat, pain and unpleasantness implied.


Dir. Michel Tereba, 26'
In 1958 Elsy Jacobs became the first female road cycling world champion. That same year she set the world record for the one hour race on track, a record that lasted for 14 years. Coming from modest origins but strong-minded, Elsy conquered the cycling world with her fighting spirit and her panache. In the presence of the director !

Cave Unicycling
Elsy Jacobs
Island of Thorns
Mianzi Rei - My legs, my gears
"Cycling in a City Jungle" photo contest

    The Bicycle Art & Film Festival (BAFF)

    The Bicycle Art & Film Festival (BAFF) is a festival created in 2014 in Luxembourg. It is designed to be an inspirational platform for all bicycle users and supporters. We aim to foster the cycling culture in Luxembourg as well as spread enthusiasm for cycling through bicycle-related films and various forms of art.