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Antifragile Album release night


Support: Planisphere (DE) + Only 2 Sticks (LU)
Sat 21.1.17 / 20:30

* with CD

Tickets available at the doors only.

Venue: Klub

EN Antifragile is a five pieced Post/Math-Rock band out of Luxembourg, founded in 2013. Their songs are a combine of mellow, warm and atmospheric sounds, eventually broken by energetic, unexpected parts. The band tries to sound as authentic as possible, by composing their songs intuitively, playing what they feel like at that very moment. They started to play shows in 2014, and are, for instance, to be found in the line-ups of the Out Of The Crowd Festival, Food For Your Senses Festival, and Kehlen Rocks Festival of that season.

Planisphere is an instrumental rock band from Cologne, Germany. Their sound is inspired by the early years of Prog-Rock, namely Pink Floyd and King Crimson, and transferred to modernity by a unique mixture of Post-Rock, Stoner-Rock and Ambient elements. Currently Planisphere finalizes the upcoming album, which will hit stores in Fall 2017.

Only2Sticks formed in 2010. They consist of Yann Gengler (guitarist, vocals and songwriter), Billy Kauffmann (guitarist and songwriter), Darren Biggar and Christophe Becker (bass). The band’s latest success after performances like Mess for Masses, the District 7 EP release and playing alongside Cyclorama on their EP release night was their performance at the Screaming Fields, where they won a contest thanks to their energizing act. 

Antifragile Album release night
Only 2 Sticks